Pokémon Unite EIC Winter 2021

Starting at 4 pm, on our Twitch channel, the grand final of the Pokémon Unite EIC Winter 2021 tournament will be played. The last act will see two teams with unlikely names collide, but with undisputed abilities: EffortValue252 vs. Flying Turkeys Team.


One of the two teams will be crowned champion of this first edition of the EIC Winter dedicated to the MOBA of TIMI and Nintendo. In addition to glory, there are 3 thousand euros in prize money at stake: 1250 for the winning team, 750 euros for the runners-up and 500 euros each for a lot to participate and Vapor’s Team A, the two teams that reached the semifinals.

Who knows if in this final act, which will be played in the best of 5 games, the two captains will mix the cards on the table and propose new combinations of pokémon. Both teams used Cinderace, Venusaur and Eldegoss a lot during the tournament. The Tacchini Volanti then completed the quintet with Machamp and Wigglytuff, while the Effort Values ​​with Mr. Mime and Lucario.

Will there be room for some surprises? We will only know starting at 4pm on Twitch.

In case you want to know everything about the final, we refer you to