Fortnite, the trailer for Midwinter 2021 starts with Spider-Man and MJ

Fortnite has kicked off the Midwinter 2021 event, presented with a trailer featuring Spider-Man and MJ, the famous couple that we can see at the cinema these days.


The most searched video game in 2021 also on Pornhub, Fortnite is preparing to catapult us into a real Christmas village until January 6 at 3.00 pm, the date on which the event will end. During this time Sergeant Bruma will bring us fourteen gifts, including two costumes.

“For new players who have joined Fortnite with Chapter 3, this is the perfect opportunity to start the journey with lots of items in the locker,” reads the official website. “For the longtime players, it is instead an opportunity to enrich the collection.”

“But the gifts are only part of the holidays. Here are all the surprises the Sergeant has in store for the Midswinter 2021 event, including a …” comfortable “welcome to Spider-Man and MJ from the brand new movie.